Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian transportation manufacturer with a very interesting past. Its continuing ability to adapt to a changing industry has made it one of the biggest success stories of Canadian business. In the mid 1930’s Joseph-Armand Bombardier designed Canada’s first multi-passenger Snowmobile. This was an innovative and highly useful invention that was quickly adopted by businesses and public transportation companies all over Canada.

By the time Canada entered World War II, government restrictions and raw material rationing greatly hindered the sale of Bombardier’s snow mobile to private customers. Bombardier, adapting to emerging business demands shifted his attention from commercial transportation of private citizens to developing snowmobiles for military use. The company became even more profitable and was able to weather the financial storm of the Second World War.

After the war the company further expanded its boundaries and began developing snowmobiles that would hold 1-2 people. The Ski-doo was released to the public in 1959 and quickly became the world standard in lightweight snow transportation. Selling thousands of ski-doo’s each year, Bombardier Inc. quickly massed capital and began diversifying its product line again to realize the founder’s dreams of continual and diverse corporate growth.

Armand Bombardier died in 1964 leaving the company in the hands of his sons. Continuing in the shoes of their father, the Bombardier continued to expand their product line. By the mid 1980’s Bombardier Inc. had began investing heavily in the Aerospace and rail industries. The snowmobile division of Bombardier Inc. was sold in order to free up resources for its aerospace and railway technology. Bombardier Inc. is now one of the leading Canadian airplane and railcar manufacturers and continues to expand and grow every year. With clients all over the world, Bombardier Inc. has quickly become a fierce competitor in both its Aerospace and Railway divisions.
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The Canadian National Railway Company is the national only transcontinental railway and is by far the country’s largest railway in terms of business and physical size. Its main headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec and has been the staple commercial transportation solution for Canadian commercial shipping since 1918.

The Canadian National Railway was originally designed and implemented by the Canadian government out of necessity for shipping both military and industrial supplies all over the country. Through several acquisitions of both domestic and US railways, The Canadian National Railway Company quickly became the largest railway system in Canada within a few short years.

The Canadian National Railway Co. is more than just a large network of railroads, offering many different types of transportation solutions to both private and commercial needs. Aside from being the largest private railroad in Canada and serving millions of citizens every year, CNRC provides commercial shipping solutions to some of the biggest names in Canadian Manufacturing, whipping raw materials to manufacturers all over the country. Along side their vast transportation systems they are also the leading warehousing and distribution centers in Canada.

The Canadian National Railway Co. is highly involved in several Canadian and International humanitarian efforts and contributes generously to many Canadian charities every year. They provide jobs to over 100 different cities in Canada and have invested heavily in the local economies of the areas in which they service. They are also highly focused on safety. In recent years the Canadian National Railway Co. has implemented railcar and rail depot safety procedures that have been adopted by the majority of rail companies around the world. The Canadian National Railway Co. is poised to remain Canada’s leader in rail transport for many years to come by offering innovative services and solutions to Canada’s most important industries.
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Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. is a rail transportation company listed on NYSE and TSX under the symbol CP. The main competitors of Canadian Pacific Railways are Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, Schneider National, Inc., and Norfolk Southern Corporation.

The company was established in 1881 with the aim of connecting the populated centres in Canada to the relatively unpopulated territories of the West. The engineering works were finished in 1885 and ahead of schedule. During the Second World War, the company moved 86 million passengers and over 300 million tons of freight. Norris R. Crump, CPR chief repatriated the company in the 1950s, and the majority of shares were put in the hands of shareholders in Canada. Canadian Pacific became the 2nd largest company in Canada by 1986, with $15 billion in revenue.

The company purchases administrative goods and services, telecommunications, diesel fuel, petrochemical products, and others. Canadian Pacific Railway has adopted the Train Area Marshalling program so that it can operate and build more efficient, longer trains. The company also implements advanced surveillance technologies such as digital sensors, GPS tracking, and digital imaging in order to predict problems.

CPR is mainly a freight rail service provider, and the company’s passenger service is limited to luxury trail tours. The Royal Canadian has partnerships with elite tourism-oriented companies at many locations. The off-train activities offered by the company include fly-fishing, golf, and interpretive tours to enjoy the unique heritage of Canada. The tours are featured with select off-train activities, evening turndown service, luxury accommodation, and more.

Canadian Pacific Railways ships a variety of industrial and forest products, including food and forest products, machinery and dimensional loads, automotive products, fertilizers and potash, wind energy and energy, and many others. The company’s rail network is fitted with transload facilities as to offer dock-to-dock delivery for a variety of industrial products, such as plastics, chemicals, aggregates, steel, metals, and others. In addition, the company handles a number of food products, including refrigerated products, meats and meat byproducts, canned goods and dairy products, and others. Goods are shipped using the company’s transload facilities, intermodal containers, and railcars.
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