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Bauer Performance Sports is among the major manufacturers of apparel, fitness and recreational skates, and ice hockey equipment. Bauer manufactures goalie equipment, helmets, elbow and shoulder pads, sticks, gloves, and other products. In addition to protective equipment, the company manufactures related accessories. It is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under BAU. Among its competitors are CCM Hockey, Graf Canada, Nike, and others.

The Bauer company was established by the Bauer family in 1927 in Kitchener, Ontario. Bauer started manufacturing the perforated TUUK chassis in 1994. This piece of equipment revolutionized hockey by making skates more durable and lighter. In 2008, Bauer was sold to the investors Kohlberg & Co. and Roustan, Inc., and the Mission-Itech was purchased the same year.

Bauer Performance Sports takes pride in holding top market position in roller and ice hockey. It is a major manufacturer and developer of roller hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse equipment. It has strong and recognized ice hockey brands, holding a top market position in roller and ice hockey. The products of Bauer are marketed under the Maverik Lacrosse, Mission Roller Hockey, and Bauer Hockey brand names. Products are distributed by independent distributors and sales representatives around the world. Products are also sold through national retail chains, specialty retail stores, and directly to sports teams in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Bauer Hockey is a leading manufacturer, developer, designer, and marketer of ice hockey equipment. It develops innovative products offered at many locations worldwide. Mission Roller Hockey is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative pants, gloves, skates, and other gear, with a focus on roller hockey. Mission Roller Hockey combines innovative products with commitment to sponsoring tournaments, teams, and players, which drive the Mission brand.

Maverik Lacrosse is a manufacturer of lacrosse equipment, and its products are developed and designed by the top lacrosse players in the world. Team Maverik tests, develops, and creates innovative products, delivering performance to match professional demands. Among the athletes (skaters, goalies, and others) who use Bauer are James Reimer, Chris Mason, Jack Johnson, Kyle Clifford, and many others.
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