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Danier Leather is a leading manufacturer, designer, and retailer of suede and leather accessories and clothing for men and women. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The main competitors of Danier Leather are Kenneth Cole Productions Inc., G-III Apparel Group Ltd., and Coach Inc., among others.

The manufacturer opened doors in 1972 and established itself as a leader on the North American continent. The company was established under the Business Corporations Act and in 1985, it merged with Leather Attic Shops Limited.

Today, its Toronto-based design team monitors the fashion industry to design the garments, offered by the company. The team refers to trends in fabrics, including silk, cotton, and wool and interprets different styles for suede and leather applications. Clothing is produced at one of the manufacturing facilities of the company in Canada or by overseas subcontractors. In the majority of cases, there are onsite supervisory personnel, and high quality skins are used, sourced from New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. The merchandise of Danier Leather is offered in many power centers in the United States and Canada, at streetfront stores, shopping malls, and online. Garments are marketed under the Danier brand.

The company updates its line of merchandise regularly throughout the year. Each season, Danier Leather introduces evening wear, sportswear, and outer wear, produced from high quality cow hide, calf suede, lamb leather, and pig skin suede and leather from New Zealand and Europe. Luxury collections feature sophisticated garments based on and inspired by couture fashion trends. Danier Leather also features a selection of casual nylon and cotton shirts and wool sweaters, manufactured to complement the company’s suede and leather garments. Danier Leather designs and produces a line of fashionable briefcases, business and travel accessories, portfolios, gloves, wallets, and purses. The company’s seasonal collections include a wide variety of fashion outwear and sportswear for men and women.

Locations of Danier Leather are found in Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, New Jersey, New York, and other places. The company receives orders from customers around the world, including Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Sweden, and other countries.
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