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The Canadian Tire Corp. has a long and diverse history. Being in business for over 85 years, Canadian Tire Corp has learned that the key to survival in Canada’s competitive markets is diversity. As of today The Canadian Tire Corp has expanded their products and services lines to include a thriving automotive parts and repair business, petroleum products and even clothing apparel. They have taken calculated business risks that have paid off handsomely and have gaine4d many accolades from not only industry moguls but from their biggest competitors.

Brothers William and Alfred Billes opened their first Canadian Tire Store in 1922 in Toronto, Ontario with big dream and a drive to expand. As of today that one store has expanded to over 400 stores all over Canada and has not only become Canada’s leading tire and automotive store, but is one of Canada’s leading employers with over 58,000 employees all across Canada.

Canadian Tire Corp is the parent company of Canadian Tire Financial Services, the company’s financial arm and credit extender to hundreds of Canadian automotive businesses and repair shops. In 1958 Canadian Tire Corp launched Canadian Tire and Petroleum, a strong leader in the Canadian private petroleum provision industry.

Canadian Tire Corp, knowing that the key to maintaining their economic strength was diversity, shocked the business world in the late 1970’s by opening Mark’s Work Wearhouse. Mark’s is a supplier of men and women’s footwear, outer and casual wear. Using the same business strategies and conservative acquisitions that made the Canadian Tire Corp successful, Mark’s Work Wearhouse is now Canada’s leading footwear manufacturer and runs over 350 stores across Canada.

Mark’s Work Wearhouse is also one of Canada’s leading advertisers and invests a significant amount of capital into mainstream media advertising. Due to this they have developed many slogans that are now household names including:

“It’s for people like you”
“There is a lot more to Canadian tire than tires”
“Give like Santa, Save like Scrooge” – a popular Christmas advertising slogan that is still used today.
“For days like today”
“Bring it on”
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