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Title: Goldcorp, Inc.
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Goldcorp, Inc. is one of Canada's leading precious metals exploration, development and acquisition companies. It currently ranks in the top three mining companies in the world based on property (mine) investments and is in the top ten for total output of gold and silver to commercial markets. They currently run mining operations in Canada, Mexico, South America and the United States.

Goldcorp was originally known as Goldcorp Investments limited and originated in 1954. During the last 60 years it has made wise business acquisitions that have enabled them to compete with the largest precious metals manufacturers in the world. In 1991 Goldcorp Investments limited rebranded to the well-known Goldcorp. name.

Goldcorp is focused on much more than mining for the sake of profit. They fully understand the implications of the mining industry and controversies that have surrounded the industry since the 1800's. Goldcorp, Inc. has developed safety and corporate responsibility procedures that have not only awarded them accolades from industry leaders, but from environment watchdog organizations all over the world. They understand that sustainability and environmental responsibility is the key to not only keeping their investments and the environment safe, but is the only way to allow their business to continue to grow.

Goldcorp, Inc. also recognizes that without the support of the communities in which they operate their business would simply cease to function. This is why out of nearly every precious metals producer in the world, Goldcorp, Inc. donates more time and resources to the communities in which it serves than any other. Goldcorp, Inc. is also highly involved in several domestic charitable organizations such as the Big Brother/Big Sister program, Capital for Aboriginal Prosperity, Dress for Success Vancouver, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Junior Achievement of BC and the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

With the perfect blend of tenacity and responsibility, Goldcorp, Inc. has positioned itself to continue to exponentially grow in their industry for many years to come.
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