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Cameco Corp. was established with the privatization and merger of SMDC and Eldorado Nuclear Limited in 1988. In 1991, an IPO for 20 percent of Cameco Corp was conducted. The company acquired the largest US uranium producing company Power Resources Inc. in 1996. Today, among the company’s competitors are AREVA, USEC Inc., and Anglo American.

Today, it is a leading uranium producer, and its production accounts for around 16 percent of the total production of uranium globally. As part of its exploration operations, the company has leading positions in promising areas in Australia and Canada with a potential for uranium discoveries. Cameco provides processing services for the production of fuel used in nuclear power plants, generating electricity in partnership with the Ontario-based nuclear generating station.

The company has controlling ownership of low-cost operations and high-grade uranium reserves in the northern part of Saskatchewan. Cameco is also the largest producer in the US, having recovery operations in Nebraska and Wyoming. The Inkai joint venture in Kazakhstan is a limited partnership, formed by the Kazakh government and Cameco Corp for the production of uranium. The company also has an active exploration program, which managed to secure sites with development and exploration projects around the world. Cameco Corp has ownership interest in land found in the US, Kazakhstan, Australia, Canada, Peru, and Mongolia.

Regarding refining and conversion, Cameco Corp is among the main suppliers of uranium processing services for the production of fuel required to generate clean electricity. The Port Hope conversion facility of the company is among the few production plants for uranium hexafluoride in the West. Uranium hexafluoride is exported to international clients and used in nuclear water reactors after being enriched. The Port Hope facility offers conversion services required for the production of fuel used in Candu nuclear reactors. It is the only facility for uranium dioxide conversion in the world. The Port Hope facility is a fuel manufacturing plant while the Cobourg facility is a metal fabrication facility. The fuel bundles manufactured by the company are sold and used in reactors to serve Canadian nuclear utilities. Cameco Corp also produces reactor components and offers consulting and nuclear fuel services to Candu operators globally.
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