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The Thomson Reuters Corp is a Canadian based media company that has set the standards for responsible and accurate professional business news casting since 1934. It is the industry standard that most business news companies strive to achieve and is by far the most respected media outlet in Canada. In addition to its essential and vast business media network, the Thomson Reuters Corp. has incorporated dozens of subsidiaries under their name to provide the same level of professionalism and profitability to practically every aspect and area of Candian and International business.

Originally founded as the Thomson Corporation in 1934 by Roy Thomson, Thomson Reuters has made a number of highly successful investments in Canadian and international media corporations and has at all times kept its high standards of accuracy and unbiased reporting.

Thomson Reuters Corp. has also integrated other industries into its umbrella including corporate tax and accounting services, investments in Canadian and international healthcare research as well as the well known division of Thomson-West and West Publishing, the founders of the industry recognized legal services company Westlaw.

The Thomson Reuters Corp. has always held a strong sense of responsibility to the various industries it serves and actively strives to strengthen accountability for the various key players in those industries.

Thomson divides its corporate commitment and goals into 4 strategic areas including:

Providing strength and resources to all communities in which they operate.

Maintaining responsibility to the environment in which all people depend.

Making beneficial effects and differences in the industries of its customers, partners and suppliers.

Maintaining the Thomson Reuters culture within its workplace and promoting employee health, safety and prosperity.

By continually expanding and diversifying their products and services the Thomson Reuters Corp. has easily become a benchmark in several industries and continually strives to improve those industries within their areas of influence.
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