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Manulife Financial corp. is one of Canada’s leading insurance and financial services company and services millions of private and commercial clients worldwide with a wide range of insurance and other financial services. Through a clear-cut mission and business values, Manulife Financial has quickly become one of the most trusted names in business in Canada.

Manulife Financial has a very interesting history. In 1887 Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister and well known successful businessman established The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, the parent company that would eventually develop into Manulife Financial. Through careful business acquisitions it quickly became a publicly traded Canadian business in both North America and all over the world.

Manulife Financial is currently based in Toronto, Canada but services over 20 countries worldwide under the Manulife Financial umbrella. With over twenty four thousand employees worldwide, it is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world.

Manulife Financial has gained much success and has weathered many of the financial hardships facing its competitors because of their openness to diversification. They were one of the first Canadian insurance companies to branch out and offer services outside of Insurance. Through many smart business acquisitions Manulife Financial has positioned itself to be a competitive provider to many aspects of modern business in Canada as well as their vast network of international servicing areas.

Today Manulife Financial offers a wide variety of products and services including:

Private and commercial banking services through Manulife Bank

Wealth management and employer offered investment opportunities

A wide range of insurance products including supplemental disability, dental and emergency medical coverage

Canadian and International Investment management

Real Estate investment management and partnerships.

Manulife Financial has grown with the times and has branched out its services internationally and has several strong holdings in the United States, China and the Pacific Island regions.
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