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Empire Industries is a Canada-based company engaged in the fabrication, engineering, and erection of complex steel projects. The company has been involved, through its subsidiaries, in a variety of high-profile projects around the world, including complex structural and mechanical solutions, dramatic bridge spans, and marquee property thrill rides. The main competitors of the company are Canam Group Inc., Butler Manufacturing Company, and ADF Group Inc.

Empire Industries was created in 2006 and in 2010, one of its subsidiaries, ACE Industrial Services was rebranded. The company was engaged in marketing initiatives that aimed to strengthen its position in the oil sands maintenance sector. In March, 2010, its term debt and operating lines were repaid after the consolidation of Canadian Western Bank and Empire’s banking.

The company has extensive experience across its subsidiaries, among which Dynamic Structures Ltd., Empire Iron Works Ltd., ACE Industrial Services, and Hopkins Steel Works Ltd., offering maintenance services, steel fabrication and erection, and engineering projects. Dynamic Structures Ltd offers complex and dynamic structures, used for entertainment, government, academia, and industry projects. Petrofield Industries Inc is an Alberta-based manufacturer, which specializes in oilfield equipment, operating though its divisions Empire Cutting and Tornado Hydrovacs. Ward Industrial Equipment Ltd is another subsidiary which provides various industrial sectors with quality manufacture, engineering, and installation of handling equipment that is used to feed, transfer, covey, shred, clean, and store dry bulk materials. Industries of expertise include mining, cement, asphalt, recycling, and others.

Another segment the company specializes in is steel fabrication and erection. Empire Works Ltd is engaged in designing, fabricating and erecting structural steel metals from plants, which are situated in Winnipeg and Edmonton. Hopkins Steel Ltd is engaged in the fabrication of miscellaneous and structural metals and performs field erection and installation, offering machining and industrial maintenance services.

The subsidiaries of Empire Industries offer maintenance services as well. Lemax Machine & Welding operates in Northeastern Alberta and operates as a machine and welding shop. ACE Industrial Services is an aboriginal-controlled partnership specializing in steel and pipe fabrication, detailing, and engineering, as well as maintenance and installation services.
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