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Aecon Group is the largest publically traded company in Canada, engaged in construction. The company operates mostly on the domestic market but is also involved in projects abroad (for example, the Cross Israel Highway in Israel). Aecon provides a selection of engineering solutions to municipalities and constructors, together with pre-construction services. The company is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker ARE. Its main competitors are Skanska AB, Bouygues SA, Bechtel Group, Inc., and others.

Aecon Group was established in 1921, and its roots go back to the Foundation Co., a heavy-civil contractor, created in 1910 in Montreal. Another of the company’s acquisitions, the heavy-civil contractor C.A. Pitts General Contractors was established in Toronto. As a group, the company’s roots go back to the 60s and to Prefac Concrete, which was a Montreal-based company, founded by John Beck. In the period 1920 – the 50s, these companies were engaged in a variety of development, maintenance, and construction projects in Canada.

Today, Aecon Group works to improve and expand the transportation networks in Canada. Its capabilities include airport and bridge construction, maintenance and passenger service, rapid transit construction, and super-highway and road construction, among others. The company’s contributions to manufacturing and social infrastructure are many, including community centres, universities, hospitals, processing plants, and others. In addition, Aecon aims to assist its clients in developing the natural resource base in Canada, be it gas and oil reserves or deposits of precious and base metals. The company delivers capabilities to assist the processes of refinement, extraction, and exploration.

Another area Aecon Group specializes in is urban infrastructure. The company has played a key role in the development of urban infrastructure in Canada, including the installation of infrastructure connecting Canadians to services such as natural gas, electricity, fresh water, telecommunications, and district cooling and heating. Project financing is another specialty area of the company, aiming to develop strategic partnerships and provide financial solution optimization, financial modeling, and deal structuring. The company is actively engaged in operating, managing, building, and funding projects, focusing on management and innovative financing.
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