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Research In Motion is a Canadian based telecommunications company that is one of the most recognized cellular device providers in the world. Its flagship product, the Blackberry has become a business standard and sells tens of millions of units every year.

Research In Motion is one of the pioneers of the cellular and mobile communications industry. First originated in 1990, Research In Motion worked closely with many of the other recognized powerhouses in mobile telecommunications. Motorola and Ericcsson, developing and continuing to push the boundaries of telecommunications industry. During the late 1990’s Research In Motion, based in Waterloo, Canada, branched out from what had become many of the industry accepted protocols and technology in the telecommunications industry and began designing products and technology that would soon push telecommunications in the modern digital age.

In 1999 Research In Motion launched a product that would revolutionize practically all forms of modern business, the Blackberry. The Blackberry was one of the first user-friendly and easily adaptable smartphones on the market and was quickly picked up and adapted by many of the biggest businesses in the world. Even today, the Blackberry is the standard in which many of today’s latest smartphone devices have been based on due to their immense success and adaptability.

One of the biggest accomplishments and contributions Research In Motion Research In Motion has given to the telecommunications industry has been their acceptance and welcoming of third party software. Before Research In Motion and the Blackberry, many third party mobile software companies faced steep roadblocks in the development of their software and faced even tougher resistance into acceptance into the mobile software industry. Blackberry’s “open arms: policy with independent software developers has allowed even the smallest software companies to compete and display their products in the same venues as the long standing mobile software companies. This has led to the development of some of the most important mobile applications used by the public today.
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