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Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest fast food chain with over 3000 stores all across the country. Its continued dedication to providing a convenient and affordable product to all Canadians, as well as its international communities has allowed it to continually grow since 1964. Tim Hortons currently has stores in Canada, Dubai, and the United States.

Originally founded by Tim Horton, a Canadian Hockey player the Tim Horton stores quickly expanded to over a thousand Canadian stores and in no time surpassed McDonalds as Canada’s leading fast food outlet. By the year 2000 Tim Hortons was ranked number 1 in Canada for total baked goods sales as well as coffee by a landslide.

The Tim Hortons menu has expanded greatly over the years. What was once a strictly coffee and doughnut shop now serves breakfast lunch and dinner to over a million Canadians every day. The Tim Hortons menu includes a wide variety of items including:

Doughnuts Coffee Bagels Muffins Soups Sandwiches Lasagna Chili Tea Smoothies

Tim Horton’s coffee is regarded as one of the best coffees in the world. In Canada alone, Tim Hortons coffee dominates over 75% of the coffee market, with its closest competitor being Starbucks.

Tim Hortons has always had a close relationship with the areas it serves. Along side offering thousands of dollars in university scholarships every year, Tim Hortons is directly involved in enriching the local communities of the areas in which it procures its popular coffee beans. Tim Hortons offers job training and invests heavily in the communities in Columbia and Brazil.

Tim Hortons also runs a highly popular rewards and prize program called “Roll up the Rim to Win”. Every purchase made at a Tim Hortons by a customer enters him/her into a one of thousands of Prize drawings. Cash prizes, along with new cars and millions of dollars in Tim Hortons gift cards are given away every year as the companies thanks to the communities in which it serves.
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