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Metro Inc. is Canada’s third largest supermarket chain organization with 365 stores operating mainly in Quebec and Montreal. Founded in 1947, Metro has successfully adapted to the ever changing and highly competitive supermarket industry.

Metro Inc. has a very interesting history that spawns nearly 80 years. In 1947, the supermarket idea was just beginning to make its way into Canadian markets. Within a few years the supermarket was a significant threat to many of the smaller grocers of Canada. Offering lower prices and “one stop shopping”, supermarkets we becoming not only the wave of the future of grocery stores, but was quickly becoming a household name. More and more people began using supermarkets for their convenience and lower prices.

In the late 1940’s many of Canada’s small grocers became concerned that this wave of supermarkets would likely put them out of business. In what would become the first of many savvy business moves, the first cooperative grocers association was born. In order to stay competitive with the supermarket chains, members of the co-op joined forces to increase their buying power from suppliers. Instead of each owner buying their own stock for resale, the separate businesses joined together to buy stock as a single entity, drastically reducing the prices of their stock. This allowed many of the grocers to stay in business.

Over time, the supermarket became the norm of grocers in Canada, to meet the demands of the public, the original co-op of grocers finally decided to set up shop under one roof and one name, which is how Metro, Inc. came into existence. The same cooperation and adaptability that allowed them to stay competitive with the early supermarkets has allowed them to develop their own, unique supermarket concept and chain that has not only stayed competitive, but has allowed Metro Inc. to rise to the top three names in supermarkets in Canada.
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