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Loblaw Companies Ltd. Is Canada’s largest and most successful national food retail chains. It operates over 1400 supermarkets, and has over 4500 independent stores all over the country. Loblaw is not only Canada’s largest food retailer; Loblaw actually holds the title of being Canada’s largest retailer of any goods or service. With nearly 150,000 employees, Loblaw is also one of Canada’s largest employers. Loblaw’s main subsidiaries are Westfair Foods, National Grocers, Provigo Inc., and Atlantic Wholesalers.

Theodore Loblaw and Justin Cork opened the first Loblaw store in 1919. Supermarkets were a relatively new concept to the Canadian people and the Loblaw Companies established many of the industry standard practices in supermarket operations that are still used today in most of the world’s largest grocery chains. They were one of the first Canadian grocers to begin offering generic and most cost effective privately manufactured food products. “Presidents’s Choice” is a brand recognized all over North America and is owned by the Loblaw Companies.

In the 1960’s throughout the late 1970’s Loblaw operated a chain of discount merchandise stores called Sayvette. These stores offered a wide variety of products at a lower price than the majority of their competitors. Consumers could buy anything from household items to electronics at Sayvette at prices that many competitors found hard to compete with. Many North American companies, including Wal-Mart, quickly adopted this wholesale/retail idea of a “supercentre”.

In the late 1980’s the Loblaw Companies began focusing on cost control and how to successfully compete with their biggest rival, Wal-Mart. In another business move that has been copied by wide-scale discount retailers all over the world, the Loblaw Companies combined their food retail and general merchandise retail ventures into a single concept. The Real Canadian Superstore chain has quickly risen again to the top of its marketplace and provides discounted food products as well as general merchandise under one door.
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