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George Weston Ltd. is the largest food processing company in Canada. It was established in 1882 by George Weston who opened the most modern and largest bread factory in Canada in 1897. The company went public in 1928 and acquired the biscuit and confectionary maker William Paterson Ltd. During the 60s, the company expanded and diversified beyond baking. George Weston Ltd acquired British Columbia Packers Limited and Connors Brothers of New Brunswick and moved into fish processing.

Today, the company has a number of bakery and grocery brands among which Ready Bake, Moulin Rouge, Country Harvest, Exact, No Name, President’s Choice, and many others. Its main competitors are GA Grupo Bimbo, Flowers Foods, Inc., and Bridgford Foods Corporation.

The Weston Foods’ operations in Canada are comprised of ACE Bakery, Ready Bake Foods, Weston Bakeries, and Colonial Cookies. The latter is a top quality baker of control branded cookies sold to retail clients. ACE Bakery produces bakery goods using the finest ingredients and no preservatives, following time-honored European traditions. Ready Bake Foods manufactures frozen bakery products such as cakes, cookies, pies, rolls, and breads. Weston Bakeries produces fresh baked products such as bagels, breads, tortillas, rolls, and others, under brands like Country Harvest, Wonder, and D’Italiano

The company has operations in the US as well, including Norse Dairy Systems, Interbake Foods, and Maplehurst Bakeries. Interbake Foods manufactures crackers, cookies, and Girl Scout cookies for its contract and retail customers. Norse Dairy Systems is a major supplier of packaging and filling equipment, cones and ice cream sandwich wafers to the dairy industry. Maplehurst Bakeries produces a variety of frozen bakery products such as cookies, rolls, pies, cakes, and donuts intended for food service and in-store bakery channels. The company uses high quality ingredients such as real fruit (strawberries, apples, cherries, and raspberries) and Neufchatel cheese, offering delicious varieties.

Weston Foods sells its control label and branded products through regional and national supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale and club stores, food service outlets, and distributors.

Another of the company’s businesses is Loblaw Companies Limited, which is a leading provider of financial and drugstore products and general merchandise products.
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Loblaw Companies Ltd. Is Canada’s largest and most successful national food retail chains. It operates over 1400 supermarkets, and has over 4500 independent stores all over the country. Loblaw is not only Canada’s largest food retailer; Loblaw actually holds the title of being Canada’s largest retailer of any goods or service. With nearly 150,000 employees, Loblaw is also one of Canada’s largest employers. Loblaw’s main subsidiaries are Westfair Foods, National Grocers, Provigo Inc., and Atlantic Wholesalers.

Theodore Loblaw and Justin Cork opened the first Loblaw store in 1919. Supermarkets were a relatively new concept to the Canadian people and the Loblaw Companies established many of the industry standard practices in supermarket operations that are still used today in most of the world’s largest grocery chains. They were one of the first Canadian grocers to begin offering generic and most cost effective privately manufactured food products. “Presidents’s Choice” is a brand recognized all over North America and is owned by the Loblaw Companies.

In the 1960’s throughout the late 1970’s Loblaw operated a chain of discount merchandise stores called Sayvette. These stores offered a wide variety of products at a lower price than the majority of their competitors. Consumers could buy anything from household items to electronics at Sayvette at prices that many competitors found hard to compete with. Many North American companies, including Wal-Mart, quickly adopted this wholesale/retail idea of a “supercentre”.

In the late 1980’s the Loblaw Companies began focusing on cost control and how to successfully compete with their biggest rival, Wal-Mart. In another business move that has been copied by wide-scale discount retailers all over the world, the Loblaw Companies combined their food retail and general merchandise retail ventures into a single concept. The Real Canadian Superstore chain has quickly risen again to the top of its marketplace and provides discounted food products as well as general merchandise under one door.
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Metro Inc. is Canada’s third largest supermarket chain organization with 365 stores operating mainly in Quebec and Montreal. Founded in 1947, Metro has successfully adapted to the ever changing and highly competitive supermarket industry.

Metro Inc. has a very interesting history that spawns nearly 80 years. In 1947, the supermarket idea was just beginning to make its way into Canadian markets. Within a few years the supermarket was a significant threat to many of the smaller grocers of Canada. Offering lower prices and “one stop shopping”, supermarkets we becoming not only the wave of the future of grocery stores, but was quickly becoming a household name. More and more people began using supermarkets for their convenience and lower prices.

In the late 1940’s many of Canada’s small grocers became concerned that this wave of supermarkets would likely put them out of business. In what would become the first of many savvy business moves, the first cooperative grocers association was born. In order to stay competitive with the supermarket chains, members of the co-op joined forces to increase their buying power from suppliers. Instead of each owner buying their own stock for resale, the separate businesses joined together to buy stock as a single entity, drastically reducing the prices of their stock. This allowed many of the grocers to stay in business.

Over time, the supermarket became the norm of grocers in Canada, to meet the demands of the public, the original co-op of grocers finally decided to set up shop under one roof and one name, which is how Metro, Inc. came into existence. The same cooperation and adaptability that allowed them to stay competitive with the early supermarkets has allowed them to develop their own, unique supermarket concept and chain that has not only stayed competitive, but has allowed Metro Inc. to rise to the top three names in supermarkets in Canada.
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Saputo Inc. is a dairy company, based in Montreal, Canada. In 1954, Giuseppe Saputo established the company as a cheese store, and it acquired Dairyworld Foods in 2001, along with its brands Armstrong cheese and Dairyland milk. Dairyworld Foods operated as the marketing and production arm of Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd, and the company itself was formed through a series of mergers in the 90s. Today, Saputo’s business encompasses the production of milk, cheese, and baked goods, being the 12th dairy producing company in the world. After Saputo grew in Quebec, it started expanding through mergers and acquisitions.

The company operates globally, in Canada, Germany, the US, and Argentina. It is one of the three largest companies engaged in cheese production in the USA and the 3rd largest dairy processor in Argentina. Saputo produces, distributes, and markets a selection of high quality products such as fluid milk, cheese, yogurt, snack cakes, and dairy ingredients. Its selection of products is exported and sold in over fifty countries around the world under well-known brand names. The company offers to its consumers and clients a wide array of dairies such as specialty cheeses, cheddar, mozzarella, and dairy ingredients used in the industrial, foodservice, and retail segments. Being the leading milk processor in the country, the company’s Dairy Products Division processes 35 percent of Canada’s milk and 32 percent of its natural cheese. In Europe, the Dairy Products Division has operations in the United Kingdom and Germany. The USA Dairy Products Sector offers a selection of cheeses and dairy products to the industrial, foodservice, and retail sectors, and is among the top three producers of cheese in the United States, providing around 9 percent of its cheese products.

Saputo Inc has several subsidiaries, Neilson Dairy, Dairyland Canada, and Vachon, with notable products such as Ah Caramel, Passion Flakie, Jos. Louis, May West, and others. Dairyland Canada produces cottage cheese, whip cream, sour cream and dips, cream, yogurt, and other products. Saputo Inc is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SAP. Its main competitors are Groupe Lactalis, Agropur cooperative, and Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
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Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest fast food chain with over 3000 stores all across the country. Its continued dedication to providing a convenient and affordable product to all Canadians, as well as its international communities has allowed it to continually grow since 1964. Tim Hortons currently has stores in Canada, Dubai, and the United States.

Originally founded by Tim Horton, a Canadian Hockey player the Tim Horton stores quickly expanded to over a thousand Canadian stores and in no time surpassed McDonalds as Canada’s leading fast food outlet. By the year 2000 Tim Hortons was ranked number 1 in Canada for total baked goods sales as well as coffee by a landslide.

The Tim Hortons menu has expanded greatly over the years. What was once a strictly coffee and doughnut shop now serves breakfast lunch and dinner to over a million Canadians every day. The Tim Hortons menu includes a wide variety of items including:

Doughnuts Coffee Bagels Muffins Soups Sandwiches Lasagna Chili Tea Smoothies

Tim Horton’s coffee is regarded as one of the best coffees in the world. In Canada alone, Tim Hortons coffee dominates over 75% of the coffee market, with its closest competitor being Starbucks.

Tim Hortons has always had a close relationship with the areas it serves. Along side offering thousands of dollars in university scholarships every year, Tim Hortons is directly involved in enriching the local communities of the areas in which it procures its popular coffee beans. Tim Hortons offers job training and invests heavily in the communities in Columbia and Brazil.

Tim Hortons also runs a highly popular rewards and prize program called “Roll up the Rim to Win”. Every purchase made at a Tim Hortons by a customer enters him/her into a one of thousands of Prize drawings. Cash prizes, along with new cars and millions of dollars in Tim Hortons gift cards are given away every year as the companies thanks to the communities in which it serves.
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