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The Royal Bank of Canada has been rated as the largest financial company in Canada. With over fifteen million clients in every country across the globe, The Royal Bank of Canada is one of the most trusted names in the financial industry in the world. The Royal Bank of Canada, (also known as RBC Royal Bank) was founded in 1864 under the name Merchants Bank. Its main headquarters is currently located in Toronto, Ontario. It employs over eighty thousand employees worldwide and has one of the most diverse and stable financial portfolios worldwide. The Royal Bank of Canada continues to grow at an exponential rate and continues to be successful and profitable by developing innovative and conservative solutions that have crippled many of its competitors in these tough economic times.

RBC Royal Bank offers a wide variety of services including Business and corporate savings and checking accounts, private and commercial financing and lending, merchant credit card processing, Online Banking solutions, Overseas Investment portfolio management and foreign currency exchange. RBC Royal Bank prides itself on being a fully inclusive solution to all of its client’s financial needs. With the advancement of the Internet RBC Royal Bank has adapted and provided its customers with low cost, online solutions for online account management, proving its flexibility to adjust to the ever changing demands of high-tech business.

Some of The Royal Bank of Canada’s biggest competitors are the Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Banco Santiago, although RBC Royal Bank has remained firm in its commitment to be the number one trusted solution for residential and commercial customers in Canada and across the world. Whether they are serving the needs of a single proprietor start up business or negotiating multi-billion dollar currency trade deals with the biggest industries in the world, The Royal Bank of Canada is committed to providing efficient, low cost financial solutions to help make businesses grow and prosper.
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