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Bank of Montreal opened doors in 1817 and today, it offers financial products and services to its corporate, institutional, commercial, and personal clients in North America and globally. The bank provided the first circulated and widely recognized currency in the country, playing a key role in the development of Canada. Its main competitors are CIBC, TD Bank, RBC, and others.

To its individual clients, BMO offers a wide variety of everyday banking products, among which senior and private banking services, online banking, checking and savings accounts, and others. Clients of the bank can choose from different borrowing solutions, such as mortgages, credit lines, credit cards, and loans. Investment products are among the strengths of the Bank of Montreal. BMO offers mutual funds, self-directed investing, retirement savings plans, registered disability savings plans, and other investment solutions. Clients of the bank who want to buy an insurance plan can choose from a wide selection of insurance products. These include travel insurance, income annuities, critical illness insurance, and many others.

Business clients of BMO also enjoy a variety of everyday banking and borrowing solutions, investment products, payroll services, and more. Clients can choose from commercial mortgages and business loans, and a variety of credit cards. Business accounts and plans include current accounts, community accounts, etc., with clients having access to mobile banking and online banking. There is a variety of investment options such as GICs, individual securities, and mutual funds.

Commercial clients of the bank are offered a selection of specialized banking services, cash management services, and investment and borrowing solutions. Commercial clients can apply for commercial mortgages, lines of credit, term loans, and more. Cash management is another service intended for commercial clients, including wire payments, online banking for business, and many others. Finally, the bank features a wide selection of products offered to its corporate and institutional clients. Among these are treasury services, capital raising, market risk management, and many others. Through BMO Capital Markets, the bank offers acquisition and divestiture advisory to institutional and corporate clients who want to focus on their core business. Services include valuations, fairness opinions, buy- and sell-side advisory, and many others.
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Brookfield Asset Management is a Canadian asset management firm with assets concentrated in the areas of private equity, infrastructure, renewable power generation, and real estate. It was originally established as an operator and builder of transport and electricity infrastructure in Brazil. The company offered tram and electricity services in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and was previously known as The Light. Today, the company has a number of subsidiaries, among which the New York-based Brookfield Office Properties, Brookfield Renewable Power, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, and others.

Brookfield Asset Management has properties under management in Europe, South and North America, and Australia, specializing in real estate investments that range from investments in commercial estate (retail and office), management of mortgage-backed securities, bridge lending, and mezzanine financing. The company has long experience in operating and owning infrastructure assets, and its portfolio includes indirect and direct interests in energy, transport, timberlands, and utilities in Europe, South and North America, and Australia.

Brookfield Asset Management also has a portfolio of renewable power assets, operating low-cost, high quality wind power and hydroelectric generating facilities. The company continues to expand its activities through new development projects and acquisitions, such as the newly built wind farm, based in Ontario. The company has extensive experience in investing in businesses and assets, and through fixed income instruments and equities, as to generate risk-adjusted returns for its retail and institutional clients. Brookfield Asset Management develops new customized strategies and services and fund products through its subsidiaries Brookfield SoundVest Capital Management and Brookfield Investment Management Inc. Brookfield Investment Management Inc. specializes in fixed income securities and equity.

The team of the company manages infrastructure securities and develops opportunistic and core strategies for investing in infrastructure securities and real estate. Among its institutional clients are pension funds, endowments, foundations, and insurance companies. The company also manages different closed-end funds on behalf of retail investors. Finally, Brookfield Asset Management offers advisory services to its institutional and corporate clients regarding international and local market transactions. Its main competitors are RREEF Funds L.L.C., Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board, and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.
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CI Financial is a Toronto-based wealth management firm and one of the major investment fund companies in Canada. It is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker CIX. The main competitors of CI Financial are Dundee Corporation, Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, and Bank of Montreal, among others. The company has several brands, including Stonegate, United Financial, CI Investments, Assante, and Castlerock, specializing in wealth management, estate planning, tax planning, business exit planning, retirement planning, health solutions, and more.

CI Financial was founded in 1965 and in 1981, the company introduced Pacific Fund to enter the international fund arena. This was among the first Canadian funds that were devoted to markets in Asia. Known for its expertise and experience with foreign funds, the company began to provide clients with a comprehensive offering of industry, global, and Canadian funds. In 2005, the company was renamed to CI Investments to reflect the diverse investment options it offered, including structured products, asset allocation programs, segregated funds, and mutual funds.

Today, CI Financial offers a variety of investment products, such as alternative investments, managed solutions, and segregated funds. The company features mutual fund lineups, offering tax-efficient T-Class and CI Corporate Class. Segregated funds offer a combination of the protective qualities of insurance and the benefits of mutual funds. Policies are issued by Transamerica Life Canada and Sun Life Assurance, covering a variety of asset classes and suitable for different investment styles. The Portfolio Select Series and Portfolio Series are investment programs and managed solutions based on strategic asset allocation. The CI Private Managed Assets program offers a cost-effective, tax-efficient, and diversified investment solution, which is intended for high net worth investors. In addition, CI Financial offers a wide selection of alternative investments, including labor-sponsored notes, deposit notes, limited partnerships, and closed-end funds to meet the needs of investors.

CI Financial offers a variety of services to keep its clients up-to-date. Clients can choose to get price alerts sent to their email, send request to receive statements and fund reports, download prospectuses, semi-annual reports, annual reports, and more.
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CIBC is a Canadian financial institution which offers personal banking services and business services to its clients. The bank was established with the merger of the Imperial Bank of Canada (founded in 1875) and the Canadian Bank of Commerce (1867), which took place in 1961. The Imperial Bank acquired two financial institutions as well. The first acquisition was completed to establish its presence in the southern part of Ontario. The second acquisition took place to create a network of branches on the territory of Canada. CIBC’s main competitors in the banking business are RBC, TD Bank, CIBC, and others. Personal clients of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce can choose from a variety of financial products, be it checking and savings accounts, lines of credit, mortgages and loans, investment solutions, and more. The bank features a number of insurance types, including travel insurance, health insurance, and life insurance, providing for one’s family should the unexpected happen. CIBC also offers a variety of investment solutions, helping clients save for their children’s postsecondary education, toward retirement, or for anything else. Investment products offered by the bank include structured notes, mutual funds, GICs, and diversified portfolio solutions, which are rebalanced and monitored regularly. Clients of the bank can opt for a registered disability savings plan as well, offering financial security to persons with disabilities. Tax-free savings accounts are also offered, enabling clients to set money aside and invest it in different investment vehicles. The bank offers a wide selection of financial services specially designed for the needs of business clients. These include merchant and cash management services, business accounts, retirement planning and investment solutions, and many others. Specialty services facilitate the growth of startup and established businesses, and there are services for agricultural professionals and persons belonging to the Aboriginal communities. The bank also offers international services, such as foreign exchange, correspondent banking, and trade finance. Finally, the Imperial Bank of Commerce offers banking services for salaried employees and self-employed professionals such as notaries, lawyers, dentists, and surgeons. Services include customized banking options and specialty accounts. The bank’s team of advisors offers advice in different areas, including wealth management, succession planning, cash management, borrowing, and more.
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Fairfax Financial Holdings is a Toronto-based financial holding, specializing in life, casualty, and property insurance, investment management, reinsurance, and insurance claims management. The company is listed under the ticker FFH on TSX, and its main competitors are General Re Corporation, ACE Limited, The Travelers Companies, Inc., and others. The company was established in 1951 as Markel Service of Canada Ltd. In 1985, it began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange and in 1996, it purchased Skandia America Reinsurance Corp., a key property-casualty reinsurance company. Fairfax Financial became one of the twenty largest reinsurers in the world in 1997. In 2003, it spun off its business units in Canada. The reinsurance and insurance companies of Fairfax Financial have autonomous management teams and operate on a decentralized basis. They apply a focused underwriting strategy and offer a wide selection of casualty and property products as to maintain a diversified portfolio and reduce risks across geographic areas and classes of business. Fairfax Financial operates through its subsidiaries, Crum & Forster, Northbridge Financial, Odyssey Re, and Zenith Insurance Company. Odyssey Re underwrites facultative and treaty reinsurance and has four divisions: US Insurance, London Market, EuroAsia, and Americas. The company offers surety and personal umbrella products, management liability products, and healthcare products. The Toronto-based Northbridge Financial offers casualty and property insurance products through its subsidiaries Markel, Lombard, Federated, and Commonwealth. The company offers its portfolio of products on the Canadian market and on selected international and US markets. The Zenith Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary, which specializes in workers' compensation insurance and offers auto and liability insurance to California-based agricultural businesses. Based in New Jersey, Crum and Forster offers casualty and property insurance. CICI Lombard GIC Ltd is a general insurance company and the largest of its kind in the private sector in India. The company offers travel insurance, home and motor insurance, export, liability, and business solutions, as well as NRI solutions such as parent’s travel insurance and parent’s health insurance. Other subsidiaries of Fairfax Financial are Cunningham Lindsey, Hamblin Watsa Investment Counsel, Falcon Insurance, First Capital, and others.
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IGM Financial is a leading financial service company in Canada, offering a variety of managed asset solutions. IGM Financial runs three companies – Investors Group Inc., Investment Planning Counsel, and Mackenzie Financial Corporation. Investors Group specializes in personal financial solutions and aims to build long-term consultant and client relationships. The main competitors of IGM Financial are Canada Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, CI Financial, and AGF Management.

Established in 1926, the company undertook a number of acquisitions since its creation. In 2008, for example, it acquired Saxon Finl Inc., and in 2006, it acquired a portfolio of industrial and commercial buildings from History Hill Group.

Today, the company offers a wide selection of services, including estate, retirement, tax, and investment planning and financial planning advice. In addition, Investors Group features mortgage, banking, insurance, and securities products as well as investment management. The company features a variety of living benefits and life insurance products through its partners Great-West Life, Sun Life, Manulife, and Canada Life. Investors Group offers mortgage services as well, ensuring that mortgage loans are an integral part of the clients’ financial plans. This aims to simplify the whole mortgage process. Finally, the company offers a variety of day-to-day banking services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, and special accounts, along with borrowing solutions. These include registered retirement savings plan loans, investment loans, and personal loans, along with creditors insurance.

Founded in 1996, the Investment Planning Counsel takes pride in being one of the largest distributors of financial advice, services, and products in Canada. It delivers client-focused advice, helping clients achieve their financial objectives. The Mackenzie Financial Corporation was established in 1967 and is a premier investment management company, offering investment services and advisory in North America. The company has developed a sub-branching strategy, including Universal, Sentinel, Maxxum, Ivy, and others. It offers managed product investment and asset allocation solutions through its Symmetry and Keystone brands.

Each of the three companies has identical government structures, Committee and Board mandates, practices and processes as IGM Financial, and the Board monitors the extent to which the government structures, mandates, practices, and processes have been implemented by the company’s subsidiaries.
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The National Bank of Canada is a financial institution that features a wide selection of business and personal banking services. Its main competitors in the banking sector are Toronto Dominion, Laurentian Bank of Canada, and others.

To become a dynamic financial establishment, the bank took some important steps, opening doors in Quebec City in 1860. Members of the bourgeoisie who were of Anglophone origin participated in the share capital of the bank, but francophones held seats on and retained control over the Board of Directors. In 1924, negotiations with Banque d’Hochelaga lead to a merger and an agreement to create Banque Canadienne Nationale. In 1968, the bank worked with other financial institutions to launch the first credit card, Chargex, issued by a financial institution in Canada.

Today, the National Bank of Canada offers a wide variety of financial services to its individual clients. It features line of credit accounts and transaction accounts and special accounts and packages depending on the client’s field of activity or profession (e.g. dentist, nurse, psychologist, etc.) Mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans are among the borrowing solutions offered by the National Bank. Clients of the bank who look into investment products can choose from capital-protected investments, RRSPs, asset management, and other investment solutions.

Business clients of the bank enjoy a wide selection of financial products, including investment and savings accounts, insurance products, payroll and HR services, and day-to-day banking, among others. Business clients can choose from long-term, medium, and short-term financing, including letter of guarantee, short term loans, and Canada Small Business Financing. Export financing is offered as well, and exporters can take advantage of a number of support services necessary to expand their operations on foreign markets. Insurance products offered by the National Bank of Canada come in a large variety, including loan insurance, employer/ employee group insurance, business transfer financing, and many others. Business clients can choose from a selection of investment solutions, depending on their requirements. There are short-term, medium, and long-term investment instruments on offer, as well as group retirement plans. Clients can choose from customized investment funds, bearer term note, private investment management, and others.
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Power Corp is a Canada-based company with assets in Europe and North America in a number of sectors and industries, including financial services, pulp and paper, and media. The main competitors of Power Corp are Counsel Corporation, Brookfield Asset Management Inc., and Loews Corporation, among others. The company was established as Power Corporation of Canada by Peter A. T. Thompson and Arthur J. Nesbitt in 1925. Power Corporation was formed as a holding to operate investments in a variety of public utility companies in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. In the 1930s, Power Corp acquired ownership in Canadian Oil Companies Ltd. and Bathurst Pulp and Paper Company Ltd. The former was sold in 1962 to Shell Oil Company. One subsidiary of the company is Gesca Limitée, publishing newspapers in Ontario and Quebec (Le Droit, La Voix de L'Est, La Presse, Le Soleil, and others). The holding Power Financial Corporation has ownership in Parjointco N.V., which is a Dutch holding owned by Power Financial and Agesca Nederland, a holding company controlled by Albert Frère. Parjointco N.V has ownership in Pargesa Holding S.A., based in Geneva, which holds positions in two European companies. In accordance with an agreement from 1990, Frère-Bourgeois/CNP and Power Corp jointly control Pargesa Holding S.A., which holds positions in 6 European companies. Lafarge specializes in building and cement materials, Total focuses on gas and oil, while Imerys specializes in industrial minerals. Other companies in which Pargesa Holding S.A has positions are Suez Environnement (waste and water management), GDF Suez (gas and electricity), and Pernod Ricard (spirits and wines). Power Financial owns the financial holding Great-West Lifeco, which operates in Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe through its regional, wholly owned subsidiaries. The largest subsidiary of Great-West Lifeco, Great-West Life Assurance Company is a major insurance provider in Canada, with interests in retirement, investment, and savings income, health and life insurance, and reinsurance business. It operates mainly in Europe and Canada, and its subsidiaries are Canada Life and London Life, offering to their clients a diversified portfolio of benefit and financial solutions.
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Power Financial is a diversified management company and a financial holding, which has interests, indirectly or directly, in businesses in the financial sector in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Power Financial was established in 1940 and offers health insurance, life insurance, annuities, asset management, reinsurance, and investment and retirement savings. In addition, the company offers planning services and security advisory, along with fund management and wealth management services and products. Power Financial features retirement income and estate and tax planning services, and mortgage products. The company also manages and distributes managed asset products such as mutual funds. Power Financial is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol PWF. The majority of the company’s stock is held by the Power Corporation of Canada, which has assets in Europe and North America. The main competitors of Power Financial are Sun Life Financial Inc. and Manulife Financial Corporation, both based in Toronto, and AXA Financial Inc., based in New York.

The company has interest in a variety of companies, including Canada Life, London Life, Investors Group, Putnam Investments, and others. Great-West Lifeco is a holding company, which specializes in investment management, retirement savings, health insurance products, reinsurance, and life insurance. London Life offers mortgage and insurance products and a wide range of financial services from other financial establishments. Through London Reinsurance Group, the company has presence on the global reinsurance markets. Canada Life offers wealth management and insurance solutions around the world, particularly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and the Isle of Man. Canada Life offers annuity and structured reinsurance solutions for life insurance companies in the US and internationally, through the Canada Life Reinsurance Division. Putnam Investments is a money management firm, based in Boston, with more than seventy years of investment experience. The company offers retirement and investment products to institutional investors, clients, plan sponsors, and advisors.

The financial services company Mackenzie Financial Corporation is among the leading investment managers in Canada. It has over 160 mutual funds and provides investment advisory on the territory of North America.
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RioCan REIT is Canada’s top Real Estate investment Trust company. With their main investments focused on department stores and supermarkets RioCan REIT is Canada's leading authority in commercial real estate. RioCan REIT holds over 60 million square feet of commercial real estate, making it one of Canada’s leading land owners as well as being it’s largest commercial investment trust. With a focus on continual diversity of investments they have quickly become involved with practically every major business in Canada. RioCan REIT has significant holdings all over North America including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and the United States.

RioCan REIT property investments are vast and include some of Canada’s leading retailers including:

Canadian Tire/PartSource
Famous Players
Food Basics
Loblaws Inc.
Target Corportation
Staples/Busienss Depot
Future Shop
Best Buy
Giant Food Stores
Shoppers Drug Mart
Zellers/Home Outfitters
Lowe’s Home Improvement
TD Bank
Blue Notes/Urban Planet
The Brick
Premier Fitness
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