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Title: TransCanada Corp.
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TransCanada Corp. operates and develops energy infrastructure on the North American continent. Established in Calgary in 1951, the company extended its pipeline network along the Great Lakes in the US, and in 1967, extension was competed. The company undertook a significant expansion of its mainline system in 1989.

TransCanada operates a complex system of pipelines, with partially and fully owned gas pipelines connecting the market with gas supply basins. TransCanada delivers gas to businesses and local distribution companies in the US and Canada and explores new possibilities to make it possible for producers to reach their markets. Among these are transporting crude oil on new and existing pipelines, thus connecting oil sands supplies with refineries operating in the US Midwest. In addition, TransCanada, through ANR, which is a wholly owned subsidiary, is among the largest providers of storage services for natural gas in the United States.

Another goal of the company is to meet the growing energy demand on the North American continent by optimizing the pipeline infrastructure. The Keystone Pipeline is a major pipeline transporting crude oil to markets at Patoka and Wood River in Illinois as well as at Cushing in Oklahoma. The pipeline runs to Manitoba in Canada where it crosses the border to the US and enters North Dakota.

TransCanada also aims to develop, build, and operate large-scale energy infrastructure and facilities as to deliver long-term returns to shareholders and quality service to customers. The company pioneered the use of high-strength steel for pipelines, which makes it possible to transport large volumes of gas at high pressures. This helps cut emissions and reduces the transportation cost for shippers. TransCanada is the only company on the North American continent to make use of and gain experience by using this technology. Regarding research and development, the company focuses in a number of areas, including liquefied natural gas and gas storage, power generation, flow efficiency and gas quality, advanced pipeline materials, and others. The active technology program of the company aims to meet the energy requirements of North America.

The company’s main competitors are Enron Creditors Recovery Corp., El Paso Corporation, and Buckeye Partners, L.P.
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