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Title: Power Corp. of Canada
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The Power Corporation of Canada is a Canadian power company that has not only provided integral services to the people of Canada for over seventy-five years but have helped shape and refine big business itself all over Canada. In 1925 the Power Corporation of Canada opened its doors as a holding company for its owners substantial investments in Canada’s many power and utility companies. The original owners of Power corp. of Canada were Arthur J. Nesbitt and Peter A. T. Thompson.

Throughout the unique history of the company, Power Corp. of Canada has made intelligent business decisions that have allowed them to weather economic hardships, strict government regulations and stiff international competition. In the late 1930’s they acquired a substantial share of Bathurst Pulp and Paper Co., which it still holds a substantial interest in to this day. Shortly after this acquisition, Power corp. of Canada also purchased Canadian Oil Companies Ltd., one of Canada’s leading suppliers of crude oil and petroleum fuel products. Soon after, in a very smart business move, they sold the crude oil portfolio of Shell Oil for a substantial profit, which further allowed them to expand on their already diverse and successful portfolio of investments.

Today, Power Corp. of Canada has a broad range of investments and subsidiary companies under its umbrella including:

Power Financial Great-West Lifeco Great-West Life London Life Canada Life Great-West Life and Annuity Putnam Investments IGM Financial Investors Group Mackenzie Financial Pargesa Holding

Power Corp. of Canada has been able rise above many of the struggles facing Canada’s leading corporations because of their willingness and success in diversity and their ability to adapt their same principles of conservative investments to the financial, insurance and telecommunications industries in Canada. Their success has made them an influential player in Canadian politics. Three of Power corp. of Canada’s CEO’s have gone on to head some of the most important positions in Canadian politics.
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