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Imperial Oil is the largest petroleum company in Canada, engaged in the production, exploration, and sale of natural gas and crude oil. It was established in 1880 in London, Ontario and was based in Toronto until 2005. Imperial Oil acquired the retail operations of Texaco in Canada in 1989, and the Texaco brand vanished from the country. The Cold Lake operations of the company are the world’s largest thermal heavy oil production facility. Imperial oil injects steam to extract bitumen from the oil sands, thus enabling it to flow to the surface. The company operates 4 plants in the area, Mahihkan, Maskwa, Mahkeses, and Leming.

The Kearl oil sands project is found north of Fort McMurray and jointly owned by ExxonMobil Canada and Imperial Oil. The development plan aims at enhancing development, execution, and marketing. Syncrude is one important site and among the largest crude oil production facilities in the world. It is found in the Athabasca region. Imperial Oil has 25 percent ownership in Syncrude Canada and is one of the founders of this mining operation.

Imperial Oil also explores for, develops, and produces hydrocarbons off the coasts of Canada. The company has ownership in the Sable offshore energy project, which is a key gas-producing venture. Production began in 1999.

The company operates four refineries in Dartmouth, Sarnia, Nanticoke, and Strathcona. The Strathcona refinery is the largest refinery owned by Imperial Oil, situated on the outskirts of Edmonton. It is also among the largest refining plants on the territory of Canada. Sarnia is a petroleum research facility, a chemical manufacturing plant, and a refinery, making it one of the most integrated manufacturing sites in Canada. The Dartmouth refinery began operations during the First World War (1918) and was the first refinery built in Atlantic Canada. The Nanticoke refinery is situated outside Hamilton and on Lake Erie’s northern shore. This refinery creates a variety of essential products sold in Quebec and on the US market. Its selection of petroleum products includes diesel, aviation fuel, gasoline, heavy fuel oil, home heating fuel, and asphalt. Among the company’s main competitors are BHP Billiton Limited, Ashland Inc., and Abraxas Petroleum Corporation.
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