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Imperial Oil is Canada’s largest petroleum provider and among the top providers of petrochemicals for a wide variety of industries around the world. Through a strong focus on diversification in the petroleum industry Imperial Oil has established a strong foundation of profitability and sustainability. It actively sets and exceeds its corporate goals while maintaining a strong sense of community and dedication to its employees, as well as the communities and companies it serves.

Imperial Oil is one of the oldest petroleum providers in Canada, incorporating in London, Ontario in 1880, with its current headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta. Through the acquisition of several smaller petroleum providers and its acquisition of the Candian-based holdings of the US Texaco company, Imperial Oil quickly became the leading company in petroleum in Canada, servicing thousands of petroleum stations all over Canada under the Esso, On the Run and Marche’ Express brands.

While many of its competitors have stayed static in the investment of commercial fuels, Imperial Oil has profited in the last forty years by developing diversity in their products. Petroleum is used in hundreds of everyday common products. Paint products, children’s toys and even many food-packaging materials are developed with petroleum products from Imperial Oil. Through this diversification of investment, Imperial Oil has been able to gain a strong standing in many of today’s leading industries, allowing them to greatly expand their business into areas that many fuel-producing companies have not explored.

Safety is one of the key components of Imperial Oil’s company vision. As more and more concerns are voiced about the safety of petroleum products, Imperial Oil has actively developed safer and more efficient products and development policies that have not only made the production of thousands of non-fuel related products safer, but has made them cheaper to manufacture. This commitment to safety and efficiency has led to the growth of many other companies all over the world.
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