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Enbridge Inc. is a Calgary-based company, which focuses on three major activities – green energy, transportation and distribution of natural gas, and liquids and crude oil pipelines. It is listed on the NYSE and TSX under the symbol ENB and was initially established in 1949 as Interprovincial Pipe Line. The original pipeline was built for the transportation of oil from the western part of Canada to refineries found in the east. In 1998, Interprovincial Pipe Line changed its name to Enbridge Pipelines. The name Enbridge is a portmanteau word from energy and bridge.

The largest gas distribution utility in Canada is Enbridge Gas Distribution, which serves northern New York State, southwestern Quebec, and eastern Ontario. The company also has interest in Noverco Inc, a holding company that operates the Gaz Métro Limited Partnership through its subsidiary and is engaged in the distribution of natural gas in Quebec. The company provides gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Enbridge also owns Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, which has the franchise for natural gas distribution in New Brunswick.

The company is also the largest transporter of liquids and crude oil in Canada, exporting over 100 refined products. Enbridge is engaged in the transportation of natural gas all over the North American continent, with the Vector Pipeline providing supplies to end-user customers and for local distribution in Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. Through a gas gatherer and processor of natural gas in Texas, the company connects three major gas development areas in the United States.

The company also operates Enbridge Offshore Pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico, transporting about fifty percent of its natural gas production in the region. Enbridge Offshore Pipelines has interest in a pipeline system of transmission and gathering pipelines in the offshore waters of Mississippi and Louisiana. These pipelines consist of about 1,500 miles of offshore and underwater pipe facilities.

Enbridge also invests in alternative energy products including waste heat recovery facilities and energy recovery and fuel cell equipment. The main competitors of the company are Koch Industries Inc., El Paso Corporation, and Consolidated Edison, Inc.
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