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EnCana Corp. is among the largest producers of natural gas on the North American continent. Its goal is to be high-growth, lowest-cost senior producer of natural gas, with operations in Canada and the United States.

Gas was discovered in 1883 when the Canadian Pacific Railway undertook drilling operations close to Medicine Hat. Canadian Pacific Oil and Gas was created in 1958 by the Canadian Pacific Railway company to operate its gas and oil properties and manage its mineral rights. Central-Del Rio Oils and Canadian Pacific Oil merged in 1971 and PanCanadian Petroleum Limited was established in 1971. A merger between Alberta Energy Corporation and PanCanadian took place in 2002, after spinning out of CPR. EnCana was formed through the merger of the two entities, and in 2009, it split into two companies. One became Cenvus Energy, which is an integrated oil company, and the other, EnCana, focuses on the production of natural gas.

EnCana Corp has a number of operations in Canada and the US. Its main focus is on the development of plays and natural gas exploration, holding a competitive resource and land position in many tight gas and shale resource plays. Among its resource plays are Greater Sierra and Cutbank Ridge, both in British Columbia, Bighorn Deep Basin and Coalbed methane, found in Alberta, Haynesville in Texas and Louisiana, and others.

At Bighorn, the company operates sweet gas wells, and its producing properties are Berland, Kakwa, Resthaven, and Redrock. The production of natural gas in these properties takes place in five facilities, including Wild River, Resthaven, and Edson. At Cutbank Ridge, EnCana produces gas using hydraulic fracture stimulation and drilling techniques, generating attractive results. The company uses horizontal drilling technology in the resource play at Greater Sierra to develop land in the Jean Marie formation. The company has four operations in the US – Texas, Piceance, Haynesville, and Jonah and interest in processing and gas gathering facilities located in Utah, Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The main competitors of EnCana Corp are Talisman Energy Inc., Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Apache Corporation, and others.
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