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Title: Canadian Natural Resources
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Canadian Natural Resources is one of the Canada's largest natural gas, and petroleum development and production companies. Their main headquarters is located in Calgary, Alberta. Canadian Natural Resources also ranks in the top two hundred and fifty on the Forbes Global 2000 list. Their main operational focus is in the North Seas, the shores of West Africa and Western Canada. Canadian Natural Resources also has field offices in British Columbia, Aberdeen and Scotland.

The growth of Canadian Natural Resources is truly astounding. As of the early 1990's their oil production was at less than 1500 barrels of petroleum per day. Thanks to many smart business acquisitions, revolutionizing their production methods and unheard of growth for Canadian utility businesses, they now produce over half a million barrels of petroleum every day. Every day Canadian Natural Resources supplies over 30 billion dollars of crude oil for petroleum manufacturing.

One of Canadian Natural Resources main focus areas in their business has also been safety and corporate responsibility. They have developed several oil exploration methods that have drastically reduced the risk of damaging the natural resources in which they explore. They have been one of the standards set in the risk assessment of oil exploration and have developed safety auditing procedures that have been adopted by many other oil exploration companies all over the world.

Canadian Natural Resources has developed a water recycling method that has allowed them to reduce their water usage by nearly 90%. Their procedure involves reusing water that has already been used at their plants that is unusable for human, animal or plant consumption but can be used on a continual cycle for oil production.

Canadian Natural Resources has a large investment in the West African offshore oil sites and as such feels a strong responsibility to support and grow the West African communities. Every year they generously donate millions of dollars to the surrounding communities in which they operate in the form of housing and relief aid.
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