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Ceridian Canada is a provider of human resource solutions, helping clients to reduce costs, optimize their workforce, and save time by finding, deploying, engaging, and developing talent. The company’s key competitors are 360 HR Services, 1st Choice Staffing Inc, and others.

The predecessor of Ceredian, Control Data Corp. was established as a manufacturing and computer services company in 1957. In 1992, the company was restructured and the Ceredian Corporation began to operate as an information services company. It bought Systems Tax Service Inc in 1993 and in 1995, the company acquired Centrefile, a major payroll processing business operating in the United Kingdom. Ceredian bought Comdata Corporation, a provider of information and transaction processing services to the gaming and transportation industries.

Ceridian Canada offers a large variety of solutions to its clients, including training and employee development, workforce management, recruiting on demand, payroll and HRIS, and others. The company’s professional development courses empower top employees by helping them refine their skills, gain confidence, and increase their knowledge. Courses cover different areas such as problem solving, management, leadership, communication, and others. In addition, the company organizes wellness seminars that help balance professional and personal priorities. Seminars focus on personal budgeting, active parenting, managing holiday stress, overcoming burnouts, and more. Workforce management is another area of expertise that benefits employers. Given that managers spend energy and time on managing compliance risk, scheduling, payroll, and attendance, they have less time to focus on corporate goals such as improving customer service, increasing sales, boosting productivity, and reducing labor costs. Workforce management helps companies focus on their core business activities by simplifying, automating, and streamlining the HR processes.

In addition, the company offers payroll and HRIS solutions, giving clients the opportunity to choose from multinational, fully managed, on-premise, or web-based payroll solutions. The featured payroll solutions improve reliability and accuracy and come with a number of benefits, including enhanced departmental deficiency, automating processes, and leveraging valuable information through a system for accessing workforce characteristics. Finally, print payment solutions offered by the company reduce money and time spent on managing payroll processes such as processing direct deposits of employees and reconciling payroll accounts.
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