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360 HR Services offers professional HR solutions tailored to the requirements and expectations of its clients. The company seeks to achieve this goal by offering professional advice and making use of technology to provide transparent and relevant solutions for the purpose of training, consulting, and recruiting. The main competitors of 360 HR Services are 1st Choice Staffing Inc. and Morneau Shepell, among others.

360 HR Services is a Canadian company based in Ontario, which was established in 2004. 360 HR Services helps employers hire employees by identifying their needs and the qualifications necessary to meet these needs. The company also identifies the right compensation package that can attract good professionals. The next step in the process includes research, screening, and validation. The team of recruiters working for 360 HR Services has extensive experience in a number of functional areas such as business development, marketing, manufacturing, and IT/IS. Other areas of expertise include finance, accounting, and human resources.

360 HR Services is committed to providing professional employment and staffing services that befit all stakeholders. The company serves clients who want to outsource HR support services, helping them reduce qualitative and quantitative costs involved throughout the process. 360 HR Services helps clients by evaluating competitive advantages and core competencies. The company’s research on best practices and industry standards makes sure the expectations of all parties are realistic and clear.

360 HR Services helps clients throughout the recruiting process in various ways, including through its career opportunities section. Candidates can browse through job openings with descriptions of companies, skills and qualifications required, location, industry, and availability. When candidates contact the company, looking for employment opportunities, they are asked to supply commercial and personal information. The company’s Privacy officer keeps a list with data to be handled, including what type of information is collected, how it is collected, retained, and secured, what it is used for, as well as how it is updated and disposed of. The two main ways the company uses to collect information from contract and temporary employees are field placement and payroll.
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