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Morneau Shepell offers outsourcing services and human resource consulting services and is the largest firm in Canada to help employers manage the productivity, health, and financial security of employees. The company has offices across the North American continent, offering services to employers and organizations in the US, Canada, and internationally. Competitors of Morneau Shepell are 1st Choice Staffing Inc, 360 HR Services, and others.

The predecessor of Morneau Shepell was established as a limited purpose, open-ended trust in 2005, which operated under the laws of Ontario. Morneau Shepell was incorporated in 2010 and carries on the business of the trust as Morneau Shepell Ltd together with its subsidiaries.

Morneau Shepell helps companies enhance their competitive positions and reduce costs by supporting the wellbeing and financial security of their employees. To this, Morneau Shepell offers a variety of training, administrative outsourcing, and consulting services. The company offers pension and benefits consulting, including investment consulting, retirement consulting, retirement planning, compensation consulting, and more. The Employee assistance program offers confidential, professional counseling that is tailored to individual needs and preferences. The program offers support for career, financial, and family issues, together with naturopathic and nutrition advice. Other services offered by Morneau Shepell are pension and benefit outsourcing, including CAP outsourcing. The company features administration solutions suitable for different types of Capital Accumulation Plans. Among these are deferred profit sharing plans, group RRSPs, and executive arrangements.

In addition, Morneau Shepell offers small and medium-sized business solutions as well as health management. Health management services reduce costs for employers by managing procedures and processes. The company offers services and support to help employers deal with a variety of issues, including mental health, absenteeism, supporting and encouraging wellness, and implications of an aging workforce. Finally, the company offers business solutions such as program design and renewal analysis. A sound benefits and financial security program helps companies regardless of how many employees they have. For example, companies with 200 to 900 employees have a sophisticated workforce and a good program for them is something that is easy to administer and unbiased at the same time.
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