Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan

Title: Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan
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Added on: Nov 13, 2011
Also known as PotashCorp, The Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan is a Canadian-based company specializing in the production of potash, phosphate and nitrogen. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, PotashCorp is the worlds leading manufacturer of potash, (a leading ingredient in many commercial fertilizers) as well as animal feed.

The Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan was originally founded in 1975 by the Saskatchewan government and was eventually sold to investors in full by 1990. Through careful management and focusing on diversification and sustainability, PotashCorp has quickly become the supplier of choice to thousands of the worlds top food-growing businesses and has built strong relationships with key figureheads in some of the worlds most important industries. It has also strived and succeeded in maintaining positive relations with the communities in which it operates and has provided jobs for thousands of people all across the globe.

As one of the most important businesses in the growing struggle of providing food for an ever-growing world population, The Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan has directed focus away from short-term profitability to maintaining their long-term commitment and visions, an unpopular theory with many large corporations, especially in today’s tough economical times. PotashCorp. understands that with its growth comes a great responsibility. Over 40% of the worlds food supplies relies on fertilizer, and being one of the largest fertilizer suppliers in the world, PotashCorp’s main focus is on sustainability and safety. Innovative product design, matched with an attention to community development and enrichment has allowed it to gain the respect and cooperation of the many industry leaders and communities in which it operates.

PotashCorp is poised to maintain its lead in the fertilizer and animal feed industries for many years to come and continually focuses on growth by innovation. Every year PotashCorp offers several generous corporate grants to fertilizer and feed developers to discover newer, more efficient ways at developing the products that not only make them profitable, but also allow them to quite literally, feed the world.
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